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High ground acts as a bridge to the rest of the world

Isolated by Hurricane Michael, stranded residents head to impromptu town squares to talk to friends and relatives or ask for help.

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Mexico Beach: Ground zero for Hurricane Michael

Early morning photos from the epicenter of the Category 4 storm reveal devastation.
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Mexico Beach reeling from Hurricane Michael

The beach town of 1,200 was devastated by the Category 4 storm. House were destroyed and roads impassable in the aftermath.
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Residents return a week after Hurricane Michael

People return to razed homes and looting, while utilities and cell service slowly return.
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Forecasts for Red Tide air quality on the way

Government agencies are working on warnings for beaches affected by toxins released from the microscopic algae.
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Is Red Tide affecting Florida's seafood?

Most of the catch comes from far offshore, but be sure to ask questions.
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Few signs of Irma left on Marco Island one year later

The Category 3 hurricane ripped through the area in 2017, but there’s little evidence of storm damage in the community.
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Answers to questions about Red Tide

The algae blooms that kill fish and turtles off the Gulf Coast are not new, but they are dangerous.
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Florida Beach Insider's own Top 10 Florida beaches

Everyone has a list of the best beaches in the Sunshine State, so we created one, too. Here's a look at beaches for every occasion.
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