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Beach bars

South Beach’s Palace Bar keeps community support alive

The Miami Beach landmark proves that moving to a new location on Ocean Drive wasn’t a drag on business.

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Gov. Rick Scott issues order to deal with public beach access bill

HB 631 dealt with customary use, but confused beachgoers over the limits of private property.
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Key West's visual arts scene is a sight to see

Painters, sculptors and photographers prove the Conch Republic isn't just a literary haven.
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Sea turtles are now nesting on Florida’s beaches, so be aware and follow the rules this season

Be aware of endangered species leaving the ocean for the sand, and don’t disturb mothers or hatchlings.
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Watch yourself on the waves with pointers for personal watercraft safety

Renting a Jet Ski or WaveRunner is a fun way to get on the water, but you can stay safe if you remember these tips.
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