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Mississippi River pollution making Florida's Red Tide even worse

Fresh water flowing eastward carries nutrients into the Gulf of Mexico, fueling the toxic algae bloom.

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Is Red Tide affecting Florida's seafood?

Most of the catch comes from far offshore, but be sure to ask questions.
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Summer of Red Tide reaches the Panhandle

Bay County tests positive for the toxic algae, along with Walton, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa and other northwestern Florida counties.
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Red Tide also can affect birds along the shore

Birds that get sick appear to fall ill after eating the dead fish killed by the toxic algae.
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Public beach access law meets opposition in the panhandle

A practice called customary use is a hot-button issue after Gov. Rick Scott signed a controversial bill favoring private landowners.
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Red Tide's toll reaches north into Pinellas County

Dead fish wash up on the famous beaches here, but not all communities are affected the same.
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Few signs of Irma left on Marco Island one year later

The Category 3 hurricane ripped through the area in 2017, but there’s little evidence of storm damage in the community.
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Answers to questions about Red Tide

The algae blooms that kill fish and turtles off the Gulf Coast are not new, but they are dangerous.
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Florida Beach Insider's own Top 10 Florida beaches

Everyone has a list of the best beaches in the Sunshine State, so we created one, too. Here's a look at beaches for every occasion.
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Sea turtles are now nesting on Florida’s beaches, so be aware and follow the rules this season

Be aware of endangered species leaving the ocean for the sand, and don’t disturb mothers or hatchlings.
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