Hello from Florida Beach Insider

Looking for the inside track for your Florida beach vacation? FloridaBeachInsider.com is here to help.
Looking for the inside track for your Florida beach vacation? FloridaBeachInsider.com is here to help.
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We know how it goes: You’re on your lunch break from the office. Or at home after the kids have gone to bed. Or really, you’re just tired of dreary weather.

If you're like us, you're yearning for the sun on your face and sand between your toes. You want to get away from it all and while away your hours listening to crashing waves. If only you knew where to go, and what to do once you got there

Welcome to Florida Beach Insider!

We're a new online guide to the best of Florida's beaches. We're going to give you honest and reliable information about the Sunshine State's beach destinations, gathered by the most well-informed sources possible — the people who have been there.

Plan anything from a day trip to a two-week vacation to a months-long seasonal sojourn. We will provide tips about things to do, sights to see, places to eat and drink, what the sand is like, whether the kids will have a good time, and even where to find those hidden parking spots.

We’re also part of the Priceline Partner Network. As an added bonus for our readers, our website and travel guides offer you a way to book your dream vacation as soon as you’re ready! Just click on our convenient Priceline Partner Network links to find airfare, hotels, car rentals and potential savings for whole vacation packages.

If you don’t see the beach you’re looking for, check back with us soon. We'll be adding locations and information constantly. We’ll also be including stories about the places you can visit and the people you could meet.

And if you have a tip of your own, send it to us! It just may end up in our comprehensive profiles of beaches across the state.

You can talk to us on our social media accounts, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Keep an eye out for our latest travels, upcoming features, online contests and more. And be sure to tag your own social media posts with our hashtag, #BeInFL, so we can all see them!

And you can always reach yours truly via email at beachcomber@floridabeachinsider.com. I promise I'll read it, even if I'm under a cabana somewhere.

See you on the sand!

Joshua Gillin is Florida Beach Insider’s Beachcomber-in-chief. When he’s not actively looking for a clear spot on the sand with his family, he enjoys hiking, martials arts, comparing drink specials and shopping for American-made products.