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We all know that sharing is caring, especially when it comes to beach tips. Your opinion matters! [Kathleen Flynn | Florida Beach Insider photo]
We all know that sharing is caring, especially when it comes to beach tips. Your opinion matters! [Kathleen Flynn | Florida Beach Insider photo]

Greetings from the cabana, friends and neighbors!

Florida Beach Insider strives to give our readers the best in travel information and recommendations for the Sunshine State’s beach communities. We’re always looking to improve our ability to give people the honest scoop about vacation destinations.

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You can say anything in the ratings, as long as you aren’t arguing, being abusive or saying any bad swears. Your reviews will be submitted for moderation before they appear, just to keep you honest.

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Joshua Gillin is Florida Beach Insider’s Beachcomber-in-chief. When he’s not actively looking for a clear spot on the sand with his family, he enjoys hiking, martials arts, comparing drink specials and shopping for American-made products.