These are the best Florida beach dogs of Instagram

Looking for a best friend to follow on social media? This canine quintet will get tails wagging.

Magic, a golden retriever from the Miami area, is a crowd favorite on Haulover Beach Dog Park. [Photo courtesy of Maria Birr]
Magic, a golden retriever from the Miami area, is a crowd favorite on Haulover Beach Dog Park. [Photo courtesy of Maria Birr]

Instagram isn’t only a place for commoners to share photos of sand and sunsets — beach dogs have their own sunsets and surf-frolicking to show off, as well.

That’s right, some pooches have accounts that are so popular, they have more followers than most humans. Their lives are everything for which you’ve ever strived: They sleep, they eat, they play, and there are no bills or work.

Florida has a strong contingent of beach dogs on Instagram. Canines that live on the Sunshine State’s coastlines have the privilege of spending many hours on the sandy shore.

To jumpstart your own Insta-obsession, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Florida beach dogs to follow.



Middle-aged Stink became a star three years ago when his owner, Sara Collins, started uploading personality pics of him on the beach at Hutchinson Island in St. Lucie County. She said she did it because she ran out of iCloud storage and needed a place to keep the images. Now, followers around the world look forward to seeing Stink’s daily beach adventures.

A Jack Russell mix, Stink’s favorite activities include digging up crabs in the sand and swimming laps in the Atlantic. Collins said they usually visit the beach during low tide because of Stink’s short little legs. When he’s not at the beach, he’s playing with his girlfriend, Hula.

‘We had a big crack of thunder one time and I didn't realize the front door was not shut all the way,” Collins said. “Stink ran out the door to our upstairs neighbors, where Hula lives, busted open their front door and ran in looking for his girl to protect him.”



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Magic the golden retriever is more than just a show dog. Under his teenage-boy personality is the kind, loving heart of a therapy dog. His owner, Maria Birr, trained him when he was young. Now the two are a therapy dog team that travels to hospitals and schools spreading love. Hospital staffers were actually the ones who convinced Birr to make Magic an Instagram star so patients could see what he was up to.

Then there’s the party side of Magic. The Miami-area golden retriever lets loose every week at the Haulover Beach Dog Park.

“The regulars call him ‘the mayor of the dog beach,’ because he says hi to every single person,” Birr said. “Someone said it looks like he’s working the votes.”

He does have his core group of dog friends that he plays with on the beach, however.

All of them are females.

“Magic would dig a big hole in the sand and sit in it because it’s cooler, and the girls would take over the hole when he left and the drama would ensue,” Birr said. “Once Magic sees that, he runs into the water, far, far in. After all, he is a boy.”

Birr said Magic loves swimming so much he would swim to the Bahamas if she let him.



Surfing USA 🏄🏼‍♀️🌊☀️🇺🇸#ess #englishspringerspaniel

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Macallan lives a life of luxury, in a home just blocks from Atlantic Beach — one of the roomiest off-leash dog beaches on Florida’s east coast. She’s only a year-and-a-half old, but has been going to the beach the entire time.

As a young pup the waves scared her off, but now that she’s matured, she jumps in full-speed ahead, with not a care in the world. She spends as much time on the beach as owner Heidi Jameson allows, catching frisbees and digging holes in the sand.

Although she’s a tiny dog, she knows how to stand her ground at the beach. When a seagull flies by, she bolts to it, jumping up again and again to make sure the bird knows who’s boss. She eventually lets it go — at least until next time.


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As you may have guessed, Draco is a border collie, with a natural talent for herding and swimming. He lives with owner Kristina Mckenzie in Largo, and often spends time doggie-paddling beside the Sunshine Skyway bridge. His talent in the water stems from his early career in dock diving.

Although Draco doesn’t appear camera-shy in his photos, he actually prefers riding solo, away from the crowds.

Back at home, Draco isn’t the only pet. His best friend Gemma, also a border collie, lives with him (as well as two cats). Between Draco trying to herd the cats and Gemma sneaking up on Draco, Mckenzie has her hands full.


Levi is a newer addition to the beach dog scene. Now only five months old (as of this writing in August 2018), he’s our youngest beach dog and definitely the most energetic one.

The American Staffordshire terrier is a regular at the Fort De Soto Dog Beach in Pinellas County, but he didn’t always like the water. His owner, Chancie Montgomery, had to coax him in. Now swimming is one of his favorite pastimes, not just at the beach but also at the pond behind Montgomery’s home. His doggie cousin jumped into the pond one day, and curious Levi followed suit.

Like many puppies, his diet consists mostly of mulch and shoes, and just about anything else in his path. But once bedtime comes, he’s out like a light.

Cat Gloria, private eye for, enjoys working alongside the ocean. Her beach expertise stems from her childhood spent on the shores of Wildwood, N.J.